EUROGULF Transformers | Repair & Overhauling

Repair & Overhauling

EUROGULF offers a full maintenance solution for oil filled and dry transformers. We offer services for distribution and power transformers. To determine the maintenance need of your transformer(s), Maintenance Partners offers an assessment that consists of visual inspections, oil sampling, thermography and electrical measurements.

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We are very experienced in working with power transformers of any make or age, including upgrade, repair & refurbishment works at site or in factory. This work often involves undertaking projects in very tight time-frames in order to reduce the impact on the customer.

Typical upgrade, repair & refurbishment services include:

  • Factory based repairs, refurbishments and rating upgrades
  • Specialist provider of major and minor on-site repair and refurbishment services
  • Supply and install systems for oil preservation  and passive on-line moisture management
  • Design and install replacement or upgraded wiring and control systems

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