Oil Sampling, Analytics & Diagnostics
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Oil Sampling, Analytics & Diagnostics

By sampling and analyzing the dielectric fluid, the presence of contaminants can be detected and appropriate preventative actions initiated. The Oil and Gas Analysis remains a critical component of the condition assessment of the transformer. We offer a comprehensive sampling, analysis and diagnostic service for all types of transformers, on-load tap changers and circuit breakers.

The three main factors which can affect the health of the transformers are the paper, which is used for conductor insulation, the pressboard which is used for the major insulation and winding support and the insulating oil.

With age, water and contaminants (air or gas bubbles, particles of different origin, oxygen, and oil ageing) dissolve in the dielectric fluid of the transformer increasing the risk of failures or accelerating ageing of the insulation system, thus reducing the technical life. The level of possible contamination of the insulating oil over the years depends on its design, especially on the effectiveness of the oil preservation system, and sources of contamination.

All fluid samples are taken by skilled technicians and are free from contamination to ensure that the integrity of the samples are not compromised. The samples are then sent for Analytical Services, for comprehensive analysis and diagnosis.

EUROGULF technicians also specialise in taking paper and pressboard samples from accessible locations within transformers to test the paper condition which is one indication of the remaining life of the cellulose insulating systems. Our technicians re-paper leads from sample locations.