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Our world class power transformer manufacturing facility is divided into three major workshops: the electrical assembly operations, the mechanical welding and surface treatment painting operations, and the electrically isolated high voltage test laboratory.

We have a modern and efficient test room equipped with high precision equipment calibrated to meet the requirement of IEC 76, IEEE, BS, IS and NEMA standards to conduct routine, type and special tests according to customer requirements, the national and international standards and company procedures.All transformers manufactured by EUROGULF are tested according to IEC standards. Our test lab is fully automatic wherein all values are captured into a software, using which, all test reports are generated at the end.

The laboratory is equipped to test  transformers up to:

Rated Power
75 MVA
Rated max. Voltage
Max.Incomer current
2000 Amps
LI/SI Impulse level
SSVT test Voltage
150 kVrms

  • Ground Bed resistance of less than 1 Ω.
  • All the Measuring Instruments are Calibrated.
  • Latest high resolution and well Accurate Equipments.
  • Test lab equipped with necessary Tripping, Interlocks and safety system.
  • Successfully conducted Third party witnessed Inspection from KEMA and CESI  representative for Type Test Certificate.
  • HV test laboratory is equipped to conduct all Routine, Type and  special  Test as per IEC-60076/ANSI/IS-2026/BS

Routine Tests

  • Measurement of winding resistance
  •  Measurement of voltage ratio and check of phase displacement
  •  Measurement of short-circuit impedance and load loss
  •  Measurement of no-load loss and current
  •  Separate source AC withstand voltage test
  • Short duration induced AC withstand voltage test
  • Measurement of Insulation Resistance & PI value
  • Oil Dielectric Strength (BDV) Test
  • Operation tests on-load tap-changers (where applicable)
  • Tests on control cubicle / Marshalling box (where applicable)
  • Pressure & Oil Leakage Tests

Type Tests

  • Temperature-rise type test
  • Lightning impulse test
  • Measurement of sound level
  • Measurement of the power taken by the fan and liquid pump motors

Special Tests

  • Measurement of Zero Phase Sequence   Impedance
  • Chopped Wave Lightning Impulse Test
  • Capacitance and Tanδ Measurement
  • Measurement of current Harmonics
  • Acoustic Sound level measurement
  • Measurement of Auxiliary loss